Customer Support

Global Reach, Local Touch

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer support through our regional focus teams, dedicated to providing first-class sales and service.

Our in-house experts specialize in various fields, including health, nutrition, hatchery, stock, and environmental management, ensuring comprehensive assistance to our clients worldwide.

We have a broad global reach, with offices, facilities and customer support in more than 30 countries. Our team is made up of individuals from more than 40 nations, fluent in over 25 languages, allowing us to meet the needs of each region with a “local touch.”

We are committed to delivering unparalleled customer service, with our experienced and respected professionals traveling millions of miles annually to meet face-to-face with producers, conduct workshops, attend conferences, and support industry events. Recognizing the importance of our role in the industry, we are dedicated to providing education, training, and sharing knowledge with customers worldwide, fostering strong relationships and promoting success in the poultry sector.

Sharing Knowledge

Woman with VR goggles on a farm, holding a chickenWe have a history of putting to use cutting-edge technology to enhance our support to customers. Our Remote Customer Service system joins a toolkit of options to maximize customers’ success – providing real-time assistance on challenges, along with advice to improve bird performance, efficiency, and health.

The breakthrough innovation uses live-streaming capabilities, along with bonded cellular networking, mesh WiFi, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality headsets and software, and state-of-the-art cameras and screens. The result: Customers are now able to bring Aviagen experts virtually onto the farm, hatchery, or any area of their facility. Likewise, Aviagen farm and hatchery workers can also call on the expertise of their colleagues located anywhere on the globe, accelerating information and idea sharing among our internal teams. When a user on site wears the VR headset with its special goggles, the specialist at the other end, who is watching on a screen, can see what the wearer sees in real-time. They can even zoom in to see detail in relevant areas, and then offer needed guidance.

Hands-on training in the chicken houseIn addition to our locally based teams, we have specialists who support our customers worldwide in areas such as nutrition, veterinary, laboratory analysis, R&D, and marketing. Aviagen has a long tradition of actively communicating with our customers to provide the most current and applicable management advice. Our local service teams interact daily with customers at all stages of the chicken production process. This experience, as well as commercial flock data, provides the basis for all our recommendations. We remain committed to providing the latest information and best management practices to our distributors and customers, bridging the gap between scientific advancements and practical, real-world applications.